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This is the fifth page of photos in our construction album.

By the second week in June, a 40' wide concrete pad was being poured on the east side of the old and new buildings. Meantime, crews were busy preparing the new building for a concrete floor, including burying power lines and installing a floor drain system. At the same time, the entrance area of the old building was being stripped bare in preparation for the new front. Other workers continued to wrap the old building with new metal siding. On June 17, crews began pouring a thick slab of concrete in the new building. Concrete trucks dumped their loads into a huge machine that pumped the slurry to the far ends of the building, eliminating the back-breaking job of hauling it by carts. Workers then leveled the concrete, then used hand and power trowels to give the floor an exceptionally smooth surface. Meantime, a worker gave the concrete-filled steel protective posts along the east wall of the building a fresh coat of yellow paint. Photos on this page were taken in mid June 2015.

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