Werner Implement Inc.
2018 New Holland C232 2-speed SSL with hand/foot controls, heat, A/C
Tag #: 64528

Hours: New

Description: 2018 New Holland C232-T4 Final two-speed track SSL, mechanical hand/foot controls, cab with heat and A/C, air seat, lap bar, floor mat, standard hoods and covers, quick-tach plate, block heater, steel lights (no turn signals), front electric/ multi-function, 450mm (17.7 inch) wide tracks, 84" low profile extended lip bucket with factory installed bolt-on cutting edge. Weighs 9,630 lbs., 3,200 lb.-rated operating load, up to 7.6 mph with two speed, 74 gross horsepower, two-year warranty.

S.N.: NJM441525

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