Werner Implement Inc.
2018 Rite Way 42' land roller
Tag #: 63923

Description: New 2018 Rite Way F3-42 3-section 42-foot forward unfolding land roller, safety tow chain, light package, 13'6" transport width, 42" heavy wall drums (.53" to .60" approximately), taper lock replaceable drum shafts, auto fold hydraulic wing lock, 11LX15 8-ply tires on main and wing frames. Weighs 21,220 lbs. Lists @ $48,800, including freight and setup. Note: This land roller has been sold, but additional units are available. Please call for details.

S.N.: 17-3066

Only $36,205

Call 651-437-4435 or 1-800-770-4634
for more details.