Werner Implement, LLC
2023 Brent V700 corner auger grain cart with factory roll tarp

Description: 2023 Brent V700 750+-bushel corner auger grain cart, 18" diameter auger, 1¾" 20-spline shear bolt clutch, four-way downspout, single tang hitch bar, safety transport chain, LED transport light kit, 800/65X32 R-1W (172A8L1) Firestone tractor lug tires, factory installed Weather Guard roll tarp, 124" rigid axle, scale package with 410 indicator, green color. Note: We sold the three Brent V700 grain carts we had in stock, but we have one unit on order. Please call for details. 06/07/2023

Tag #: 67693, S.N.: B42710114 -- SOLD
Tag #: 67695, S.N.: B42710109 -- SOLD
Tag #: 67696, S.N.: -- On order
Tag #: 68683, S.N.: B43170114 -- SOLD

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