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This is the second page of photos in our construction album.

Toward the end of April, workers had finished the footings and began installing the steel forms for the poured concrete foundation and pillars. Work progressed quickly and, at the end of April, pumper and concrete trucks rolled in and crews began filling the forms. The following day, workers carefully removed the steel forms and packed them away for the next job. Immediately afterward, crews began backfilling and packing the sand around the foundation and pillars. On May 4, workers connected a plastic sewer pipe to the main line that runs in front of the current building and brought it along the west side and into the new addition. In the process of digging the new trench, workers uncovered an old abandoned cistern, which they filled with sand. By the time these jobs were completed, trucks began arriving with the steel beams, trusses and sheeting for the new structure. On May 11, ironworkers began erecting the heavy steel support pillars for the east wall of the new structure. At the same time , crews began removing the steel siding from the south wall of the current shop in preparation for mating the old shop with the new. Photos on this page were taken during the last few days of April and the first 11 days of May 2015.

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