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Under construction!
This is the fourth page of photos in our construction album.

While crews continued work on the new addition, others began renovating the exterior of our current building. The air conditioner condenser and gas meter and the slab of concrete in front of the building were removed. Dirt was hauled out and footings installed for the new entrance walkway and the four posts that will support the new facade. The hole was then refilled with sand, packed and holes were drilled in the existing concrete for rebar that eventually will tie the new concrete slab to the old. Cracked and worn concrete on the east side of the building was removed and the dirt dug out and hauled away and new fill hauled in and packed. Then forms were built and a 40-foot apron was poured. Inside, workers installed thick blankets of insulation to the walls and covered it with a plastic vapor barrier. Eventually, the the window coverings will be removed and a new steel facade will be installed. Stay tuned! Photos on this page were taken in early June 2015.

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