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Used tillage equipment/rock pickers
Used 2015 Great Plains 4000TM 40-foot Turbo-Max vertical till, five section fold, 18' transport width, 14'2" transport height, 7½" coulter spacing, c-spring cushion gangs, 0 to 6 degree hydraulic adjustable front and rear gangs, rolling harrow and rolling baskets, hydraulic fore and aft leveling, walking tandems on main and wing frames, transport light package, requires 400+ engine hp, operating depth of 1" to 5", machine weighs 31,500 lbs., front and rear blades measure 19+ inches on average (new blades measure 20 inches).

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Used Wil-Rich model 3400 field cultivator (factory model 13FCW3420), 26'3" width, 45 C-spring shanks with 7" shank spacing, walking tandems on main and wing frames, 95LX15 tires, transport lights, level lift hitch, new 7" knock-on Herschel shovels, 4-bar Wil-Rich coil tine harrow. Serviced through shop and field ready.

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Used Summers 700 pull-type rock picker, hydraulic swing tongue, 3 bat reel, planetary Orbit motor reel drive, 60" wide pickup, 2¼ yard bucket, clevis hitch, 165LX15.1 rib implement tires. Serviced through shop and field ready.

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Used Wil-Rich 357 5-shank inline ripper, 2,000 lb. parabalic spring cushion shanks with shear bolt protection, 10" two-piece points, cover boards, 20" Blue-Jet spring loaded ripple coulters/cutters, three Tebben brand 20" dual closing disc at rear of the shanks. Pull-type hitch with two lift cylinders, 11LX15 Firestone 12-ply tubeless tires, safety tow chain, transport lights. This was purchased new as a 5-shank 3 pt. model. Customer removed two shanks and pulled it as a 3-shank (two outer shanks are new/never used). A factory pull-type hitch conversion kit was added at a later date. This unit is a one-owner used on a 160-acre farm. Unit is in new condition. Ripper points are original. Very low usage.

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Used International 596 26' heavy duty disk, rigid mounted gangs (not C-spring), 9" blade spacing, blades measure approximately 25" on front and 24" on rear, good scrapers, tandem wheels on main and wing frames, tongue jack.

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Used Schulte RSH4 rock picker, conveyor chain pickup, new bearings just installed in both chain idler sprockets. Serviced through shop; good condition. Could use paint.

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Used White 445 disc chisel plow, six spring cushion shanks with new 3" twist shovels, three deep-till spring cushion shanks with new points, eight right hand/left hand spring cushion concave cutter discs (discs measure 21"), dual clevis/single tang hitch, tongue jack, both cylinders/hoses and pioneer ends, new 95LX15 tires. Very clean unit. Serviced through shop. Good, tight unit; low usage; late model 445.

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Used Rite Way RR250H rock picker, standard fixed tongue, two bat hydraulic motor driven reel with #80 chain, 50" wide fork, 2" minimum rock diamter, 24" X 45" maximum rock size, 1.25 cubic yard bucket capacity, 38" dump height, 11LX15 tires, tongue jack. Serviced through shop.

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Used Brillion CD114 11 shank disc/chisel plow, 11 spring cushion shanks, good 4" reversible twist shovels, 11L X 15 tires, rear hitch, straight tooth drag bar with spring down pressure, blades all measure 19.75" (new blades measure 20"), new gang bearings install same time as blades, shanks are all tight, dual cat hitch bar, disc cutter blades are in three sections. One owner, paint faded some but otherwise in mechanically very good condition.

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Used Glencoe SS7 7-shank disk chisel plow, like new 4" twist reversible shovels, 19+" diameter cutting blades, combination single tang/clevis hitch, heavy duty rear ridge splitter. Very clean, tight unit. Serviced through shop and field ready.

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Used IH 4500 25-foot Vibra Shank field cultivator, walking tandem on main frame, single wheel on wings, 4" shovels, Midwest 3-bar coil tine harrow (new harrow teeth in 2021).

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Used CaseIH 181 21 ft 3 pt. mount rotary hoe, excellent original hoe wheels, 1 arm/1spring per each hoe wheel, two adjustable gauge wheels, debris shield, low usage rotary hoe.

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Pair of used screw-adjust gauge wheels. Will fit 4" X 4" frame, 13" wheels/tires. Removed from Wil-Rich 3400 field cultivator. Will fit other models/makes/brands.

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Parting out White 435 9-shank disk chisel plow with rigid shanks. Good condition. Remaining salvage parts: 9 shank main frame, rock shaft, rigid shanks, tool bar for cutter discs.

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